Passengers Shiver as Medview Airline Plane Develop Fault Mid Air | e-NIGERIA!

medview airAnother air mishap was today averted after an Abuja bound Medview Airline plane, flight VL2102 was suspended upon observing a fault on the plane.

According to an eye witness, a passenger in the plane who narrated his near death experience, Ï suspected the fault before take-off, but all attempt to call their attention to it proved abortive when they refused to listen. The pilot and the flight crew further assured that there was no cause for alarm.

More than a hundred passengers in the plane, we were all shivering when the plane had to make an emergency turn around and landed back at Lagos airport due to the problem.

It has become imperative for regulating authorities to begin to look into the activities of Nigerian airline operators in order to cub air mishaps.

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