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INVESTIGATION: The Excesses of Davido And His Dogs

Davido and his gang on smoking spree e-NIGERIA!

Davido and his gang on smoking spree e-NIGERIA!

Davido and his gang on smoking spree  e-NIGERIA!

Davido and his gang on smoking spree e-NIGERIA!

“Davido accused of murder”, “Davido’s New single Rocks Africa”,  “One of Davido’s dogs beat up Immigration and Custom Officials at the airport”, Davido accused of drug abuse.

The above mixed headlines are practically what describe the music career of Nigerian pop sensation David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido. The arrogance, hooliganism and thug life style displayed by Davido and members of his music clime have not only reached alarming heights but have become embarrassing to the image of the Nigerian music family and the Nation as a whole.

His excesses and erratic behaviour is fast becoming a fertilizer that is nourishing bad habits among Nigerian youths and teenagers. What have they really done? You may want to ask. Well, let me take you on a short ride in case you have been leaving in a cave.

Late last year, three of Davido’s friends left this sinful world under controversial circumstances. One of them identified as Tagbo died few hours after consuming excess alcohol in a drinking binge sponsored and supervised by Davido, while the Police found drugs beside the lifeless bodies of two of his other friends. A while ago, the “FIA” crooner’s ally identified as Lati battered a camera man attached to GoldmyneTV and destroyed his camera.

Realizing the bad press the ugly incident could br

ing him again, the award winning singer sent emissaries to settle the issue with the young camera man by paying for his medical bills, new camera and the cover up of the story.

Just as those around the crew were trying to catch their breath another of Davido’s crew member got into a fight with officer of both Nigeria Imigration and Custom Service over a trivial matter like luggage clearing. What could be responsible for these endless and senseless drama? Oh! Stardom, money and fame have all gotten into his head, but I beg to disagree, because he was brought up with a silver spoon; so it should be difficult for money to control him.

For Stardom, the likes of P’Square, 2Face, D’banj and even his peers like Wizkid, Olamide, Tekno among others are flying high and are not being violent.

Given the forgone analysis, only two things can explained these animalistic acts-drugs and  arrogance. Like an African saying goes-if a father sends a child to go and steal, he will break down the door with confidence.” This proverb explains that the harassment that fans have suffered in the hands of Davido’s band members and security team especially at the end of his 30 billion concert has the backing of their principal Davido who defends them with his financial muscle. As evident in the now viral photo of Davido and his gang members ingesting hard drugs into their system it has become clear that hard drugs are the reason why Davido gang or Davido’s dogs, as they are now being referred, have mastered the act of celebrating every of his new hit single with new headline grabbing, assault or embarrassing behaviors. Every right thinking Nigerian like this writer is wondering why relevant law enforcement agencies are silent over Davido’s open abuse of drugs and harassment of Nigerian citizens who gave him fame by embracing his music. Secondly, it is sad that young the Adeleke is not aware of his influence on children and youths across the continent as he keeps driving them into the path of death with is poisonous life style. Indeed we have in our hands accidental role models who are in urgent need of deliverance.


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